Heather McQuilkan

Heather McQuilkan
Administrator, Church Treasurer, Board Member

Heather is known for her faithfulness and commitment to the call of God, along with her can do attitude to whatever needs to be done.

Heather has been an invaluable member of the team here at Beulah Church starting out as a volunteer when “Adam was a lad”.  She’s responsible for all things financial, for all things administrative as well as playing a key role on the Board of Trustees for Empower Church.


Married to her handsome husband and teenage sweetheart, Rex, for 36 years and having had 2 children, now all grown up. Heather is definitely experienced at doing life and the different stages of life.  Heather loves working with couples heading towards marriage, she also loves helping others find freedom from things that have held them down for a long time. She also loves to cook, to read, to go for a walk or more importantly, spend some quality time with her family.


She’s well suited to what she does, as all of her previous experience since leaving school has been in administrative roles. Couple this with some “accounting stuff”, a little life experience along with some secret skills (a little bit of this and a little bit of that), and she’s our resident expert, except in knowing how to clean the coffee machine properly… she conveniently forgot her lessons on that one.


Heather is driven by the call of God for Empower Church and the impact that can happen when you introduce someone to Jesus. She loves seeing people come into a relationship with Jesus.


When you can’t find Heather working on Church matters, or some aspect of Church life, you’ll find her spending time with her wonderful family, her handsome husband, or anyone really.  Most probably talking about the latest trends in healthy foods, usually over a good coffee.

You can contact Heather on (03) 355 4928







EMAIL      office@empowerchurch.co.nz


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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
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