Mark Hudson

Community & Venue Manager   

Known for his reliance on a good short black and golf, these keep Mark charged up for his family, his work and his ministry

Mark joined the ranks here on staff in early 2014.  Coming from a 20 year background in the Hospitality and Retail sector, this well equips him to be our events manager for managing the hiring out the church's facilities to outside groups and businesses for a range of different requirements.  As a result of Mark's vast experience prior to joining the team, he certainly understands what's required, and how to find the best fit for any organisation that's looking for a venue. When asked what attracted him to join the team here, he shared that after seeing a need within the church, for meeting needs within the community, he met with Senior Pastors David & Denise over lunch and started sharing his heart, little did he know what this would lead to. 

Mark has been married to a young woman, who caught his eye a few years ago, called Astrid. In January 2016 they celebrated 20 years of marriage! With 3 teenage kids life is action packed and busy, between being a taxi service on game day, practises midweek as well as performances and rehearsals amongst other things. The things you do for the kids that you love.

Outside of work and ministry, Mark is known to have the a sense of humour that is drier than the paint on your lounge room wall. He loves all things from British comedy, cooking delights in the kitchen that cause mini explosions for your taste buds, to telling the ref that he got it wrong in a football match, all from his armchair of course.  If he could, he would work at the airport, purely for the love of Aviation fuel, the smell of it that is, clearly this is concerning, and you can be assured we don’t keep any on our premises, so if you’re looking to hire our venue, or reaching our community, rest assured, we’re safe and above board, what reinforces this, is the fact that Mark has yet to realise this dream. (The other dream is a trip to Tuscany, which is much more likely as we’re investigating rumours he’s been banned from the runway, unless he’s actually on a plane legitimately).
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